Me and page 22

Page 22 on its travels


The story so far...

On Page 22 of the April 2009 edition of F1 Racing there is a picture which was taken by the secretive second in command of

This fellow who is only known as Me (or Mr C) was very pleased with himself, and rightly so, but he didn't know how to celebrate. So I decided to help him out with this website...

The ideal thing would of course be for him to pose for a proud picture holding the magazine. But that would ruin his secret identity. So I propose that you, all of you, anyone who has happened upon this site should upload their pictures to our site. And as all of us post our versions of "me and page 22" we will come up with our fitting tribute to the picture.

What do I do?

1) Buy or find a copy of F1 Racing
2) Turn to page 22
3) Take a picture of yourself holding the magazine
4) Upload it to our site [Click here]

The pictures so far

Giggles and Page 22

At the Beach 2At the Beach 1On London BridgeOn the train


Me and page 22 spend some quality time togetherMe and page 22 play the Xbox  

Jon waldock

Me and page 22   


RG and Timo, I mean Mr C's page 22   


Fourstar and page 22Fourstar's screens love page 22  

SPC Towers

Panda Likes it tooChristine trying to look impressed